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The Scientific Method - Centers for Week of 8/16/10


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From WatchKnow (Approved: begamatt), produced by Kerry Matthews
Each week, Mrs. Matthews students work in teams of four to complete six different centers. This week they are studying the scientific method. This week's centers include:  (1) a website that asks the students to use the data provided to make a line graph, bar graph, and pie graph (2) a station where students predict the weight of 5 different boxes and use spring scales to measure the actual weight in grams (3) a station for classifying buttons by color and number of holes (4) a crossword puzzle that incorporates key vocabulary words (5) a memory matching game with key vocabulary words (6) an online video about how scientist use the scientific method in real life and (7) an ongoing experiment about seed germination. Vocabulary words for this week include: variable, control, predict, observe, infer, hypothesis, conclusion, data, and classify. (03:00)
Ages: 8 - 18 License: Proprietary Owner: Kerry Matthews Found by begamatt
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Document NameDescriptionTypeUploaded byDate 
Scientific Method Lesson Plan This lesson plan includes activities for six centers along with several interactive websites. The scientific method unit is meant as an INTRODUCTION to the inquiry strand. Inquiry skills will be taught all year long. However, I felt it was important that the students had an understanding for the basic vocabulary words such as infer, conclude, and observe. begamatt 08/09/2011
Scientific Method Quiz This 20 question, multiple choice quiz is designed to be similar to state test questions with varied DOK levels. You may need to cut and paste to get all of the questions to fit on ONE piece of paper (front and back.) Some times you may need to add your own images or reword a question to fit your lessons for the week. begamatt 08/09/2011
Scientific Method Power Point This power point contains images and vocabulary words (answers) that match the 8 flashcards for the week (definitions). begamatt 08/09/2011
Scientific Method Flashcards This document includes 8 definitions. Answers are provided on the power point provided. Students cut out the cards and write the answer on the back. I am a FIRM believer that too much time is WASTED by having students copy the definitions on paper. I would rather spend that time DISCUSSING the word than waiting on a child to write it. Also notice that my power points includ PICTURES ONLY. It removes the stumbling block for a child who is below reading level and might be overwhelmed with WORDS. ALL children understand a picture. begamatt 08/09/2011
Scientific Method Pictures This document includes several pictures (found on Google image search). The pictures can be enlarged or reduced as needed. Various games can be made using these pictures. (Bingo, pictionary, Concentration, Flashcard drills...) Simply cut and laminate. I like to glue the images onto index cards and THEN laminate. Sometimes I will add magnetic tape to the back and make a game at the front board. begamatt 08/09/2011
Scientific Method Center Directions This document includes my directions (for the students) for each of my six centers. I staple them into a folder and the folder is passed along as the teams complete a center. The team MUST READ ALL OF THE DIRECTIONS before beginning their center activity. begamatt 08/09/2011


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